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Aerating your lawn provides important benefits that allow grass to thrive. Lawn aeration is a service performed by lawn care specialists and landscaping contractors that requires specialized tools and can be labor intensive.

Average price
I need a gardener/landscaper for a hardscape. I would like hardscaping at my home. The type of hardscaping I would like is patio and 500 sq foot area. I would like to use pavers (already have materials) for this hardscape project. This project is replacing current landscape. The hardscape will be approximately less than 500 sq. ft.
I need a gardener/landscaper for a sprinkler system repair. My lawn sprinkler repair is located at a home. This sprinkler system that needs repair is for lawn and trees and flower bed and shrubs. The problem with my sprinkler system is need to add a timer and a drip system. My current in-ground sprinkler system has 2 valves. It spray nicely but I want to attach a timer and add a drip tubing to the system.
We have a small round yard, about 12 feet in diameter, that currently has mostly dead grass. We would like to have that replaced with some type of groundcover that would be low maintenance. The current top option is "baby tears", but we are open to other suggestions. Because we are having a BBQ in two weeks, we would like to have it put in before hand not as seeds, but actually as already grown.

Does My Yard Need Lawn Aeration Service?

If the soil in your lawn is compacted, grass can become thin or stop growing, and may not seem to benefit from fertilizing, watering, and other regular maintenance. Aeration relieves compaction by making holes in soil that allow the root system of your grass to grow and provides better absorption of water, fertilizer, and oxygen.

What Are the Benefits of a Lawn Aeration Service?

Since lawn aeration involves using manual tools or specialized machinery to perforate the soil of your entire yard, it can require a great deal of time, effort, and skill. Professional lawn care providers have the skills and equipment to perform the task efficiently, generally completing the work in much less time than it may take a homeowner.

How Much of Much of My Lawn Needs Aeration?

The condition of your lawn and soil will determine the need for aeration, but the procedure is typically performed over the entire lawn. Though you may choose to aerate only your front or back yard at one time, it is likely to be most efficient and beneficial to aerate an entire lawn area rather than just a small, problematic section.

What Types of Lawn Aeration Services Are Available?

Two primary forms of lawn aeration are spike and core aeration procedures. The process of spike aeration simply pokes holes into the soil, while core aeration actually removes “plugs” of soil from your lawn, and is generally considered more beneficial. Both methods can be performed with manual tools or power equipment, though the time required for manual aeration often makes the process much less efficient than when using a machine.

How Long Does a Lawn Aeration Service Take?

The operator of a power aerator should be able to complete the task in about as much time as it takes to mow the same area with a self-propelled mower. Manual aeration requires a great deal more time, though some tools make quicker progress than others. Thus, the time needed to complete your job will vary with the size of your yard and the equipment used.

What Tools Are Used By a Lawn Aeration Service?

Manual aerating tools look like rakes or forks that are pushed into the soil and lifted out, while some models are designed on rollers that can be pushed by hand or pulled behind a lawn tractor. Powered aerating machines are generally gas-powered, with some units operated much like a walk-behind mower and other types towed by mowers or tractors.

Do Lawn Aeration Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

Lawn aeration is not typically subject to surprise costs, but the success of your service may depend largely on the condition of your lawn. Severely compacted soil may require aeration several times in one season to restore a good growing environment.

How Much Does a Lawn Aeration Service Cost?

Prices for lawn aeration vary by location, but usually cost between $121 and $423 throughout the country. The size and terrain of your lawn may affect the price of the project, factors which are addressed in our Price Guide for Lawn Aeration. Be sure to discuss with your contractor how the condition of your soil and the characteristics of your yard will contribute to the cost of aerating your lawn.

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