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Updating a bedroom can be a refreshing way to create a relaxing master suite, convert a child’s room to a teen area, or provide a comfortable space for visitors. Understanding the current condition of your bedroom as well as your remodeling goals will help you and your contractor plan for a successful project.

Average price
I need a general contractor for a bathroom remodel. My bathroom remodel will include the following replacements shower and bathtub and toilet and cabinets and vanity and sink and countertop and flooring. My bathroom is located on the first floor. My bathroom is approximately 5‘x12'. I have not had previous work done in my bathroom. My house was built in the year 1966 .
I'd like a service expert for a barn / shed build. I would like a shed built. This project is a new build. I would like this barn/shed to be approximately 4ft wide x 12ft long x 8ft high with a slopping roof. I would like this project built with wood. My project needs flooring features. This is a custom built shed that I need to specific dimensions.
I need a general contractor for a barn / shed build. I would like a shed built. This project is replacing an old build. I would like this barn/shed to be approximately 200 sqft. I would like this project built with metal. My project needs insulation and electricity and shelving features.

Do I Need to Remodel a Bedroom?

If your bedroom is due for a design update or has worn finishes and fixtures, a remodel can improve the appearance and functionality of the room. Since bedroom renovations may include a range of updates, from paint and flooring to wiring and windows, hiring a professional to handle the project helps ensure that quality work is completed efficiently and with minimal disruption to the rest of your home.

What are the Benefits of a Bedroom Remodel?

Improving a bedroom can make the space more pleasant and relaxing for its occupants, or provide needed storage or structural improvements. Whether for family members or guests, bedrooms are often viewed as a private haven that should be conducive to rest and relaxation. Updating the décor or improving organization can increase the comfort of anyone using the room.

What Types of Bedroom Remodels Exist?

Bedroom remodeling projects range from updating paint and flooring to adding a bathroom and installing new windows. Features often addressed in the project include light fixtures, trim details, and storage, with a number of skills required to address all the potential construction and design aspects of the job.

How Long Does a Bedroom Remodel Take?

Most bedroom remodeling projects can be completed within a week, depending on your choice of finishes and related installation techniques. Upgrading wiring and other systems may extend the project by a few days, while making extensive renovations, such as to enlarge the room or add an adjoining bath or patio, could lengthen the project to several weeks.

What Materials are Needed for a Bedroom Remodel?

Typical bedroom remodels require paint, flooring, trim, light fixtures, shelving, and window treatments. If more involved upgrades are in store, your contractor may use trade-specific tools and materials as needed for plumbing, drywall, insulation, heating and cooling, or for the installation of windows and doors.

Do Bedroom Remodels Have Any Hidden Charges?

Your contractor should be able to accurately estimate the cost of most aspects of your bedroom remodel, though making changes to plumbing or wiring may be more difficult to plan for than decorative upgrades. Be sure to address site preparation with your contractor so that your room is ready for the start of work. Delays and access problems caused by failing to remove furniture or provide your contractor a staging area can increase the cost and timeline of the project as well as the potential for damage to your belongings or other areas of your home.

How Much Does a Bedroom Remodel Cost?

The cost of your bedroom remodel may be influenced by a number of factors, from room size and condition to your selection of finishes and features. Based on national averages, you should expect to pay from $449 to $4876 for the project. Consult our Bedroom Remodel Price Guide to learn how the characteristics of your home and your design goals contribute to the cost of the job, and discuss the characteristics of the remodel with your contractor to plan a realistic timeline and budget.

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