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Redbeacon connects Handymen, House Cleaners, Plumbers, Painters, and more home service pros to great local jobs.

Access exclusive local job requests

Choose only requests you want to respond to, and if the customer likes your offer, he or she will be able to book and schedule.

Receive and reply to job requests from anywhere

You'll be sent job requests in your specified area, which you can receive and respond to from your computer or smartphone.

Get paid for the jobs you win

Once you’ve completed the project, the customer will pay you directly for your services.

Save more money with The Home Depot

Get access to thousands of high quality leads for only $29.99 per month. Pay for jobs with the points you earn while shopping for materials at The Home Depot.

Share your business with your free profile page

With your Redbeacon profile, you'll be able to personalize your page to include pictures, licensing information, and reviews from other sites.