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There are hundreds of reasons why it's awesome to be a Redbeacon pro. Here are just a few.

You want more leads.

Redbeacon connects pros with the homeowners who shop at The Home Depot. Here, you'll get the opportunity to get unlimited leads from those shoppers just by buying your materials at The Home Depot.

You already shop at The Home Depot.

Make those materials you're already buying at The Home Depot work for you. For every $1 you spend at The Home Depot, you earn 2 points on Redbeacon. Each lead you get costs between 40 and 80 points, and with the shopping you already do at The Home Depot, you can get every lead for free.

We manage your online presence to grow your business.

Your next customers are combing through online review sites and walking through the aisles of The Home Depot wondering how to tackle the project themselves. Get in front of them with Redbeacon. Your profile markets you online 24/7, our matching technology only brings you the type of work you like to do, and we're here to help you through this process from start to finish.

You can do it all from your mobile device.

In your line of work, no one spends hours in front of a computer. That's why the entire Redbeacon pro experience can be accessed from a mobile device, from receiving leads to responding to homeowners.

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Our process is transparent. Here’s exactly how Redbeacon works.

A homeowner submits a request

They can do this on Redbeacon.com, on Redbeacon’s mobile apps, or with the help of a store associate within The Home Depot.

The homeowner selects up to five pros.

They’re free to choose based on photos of the pro, the pro’s profile information, or from past reviews of the pro’s work.

The lead is sent to the pros whom the homeowner selected.

Each pro is given the name, job details, and the contact info for the homeowner to be able to talk to them about the work to be done.

The pro must call the customer.

It’s important for pros to follow up on the lead quickly — being unresponsive can negatively impact their ability to be matched with leads.

The customer chooses the right pro.

Scheduling the work is negotiated directly between the pro and the homeowner through direct message, text messaging, or via phone.

The pro completes the work.

Every homeowner is asked to leave a review after the work is completed for the pro.

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