Why Redbeacon

We're not your average listing service. You're getting more than just leads -- you're getting monetized results. Because Redbeacon provides an easy interface between consumers and service providers, our customers are as engaged as our pros.

Being part of the Redbeacon network puts you in an elite community of home-service professionals. We only allow the best in the business to work with the consumers who seek help through Redbeacon. But once you've impressed us with your quality of work, here are the things you'll get in return:

Make more money. As a member of Redbeacon, you get privileged access to a large volume of screened and qualified customers. Every customer inviting you to their home has a credit card on file with Redbeacon, which means you're working with homeowners who are exceptionally motivated to start and complete a project.
Purchase with power. You already buy your materials at The Home Depot. With Redbeacon, your Home Depot spend will earn you points that you can redeem to win new customers. We even let you redeem points to avoid paying onerous credit card transactions fees for Redbeacon jobs.
Save time. We realize that your business isn't the kind that keeps you sitting in front of a computer all day. Our mobile site is a great way to quote, answer questions, and create proposals and invoices all from your phone. With Redbeacon, you're not wasting your time with apathetic customers and jobs that don't fit your skill set, so you'll make money on each job that you do.
Market yourself online. When you build your Redbeacon profile, you'll immediately have a presence online that you can customize with pictures, licensing information, and reviews from other sites. Customers who are searching for your services will be able to find your Redbeacon profile, so let us drive your customer acquisition right to your inbox.

How it Works

Starting is simple

After you're approved as a Redbeacon pro, you get access to up-to-the-minute job requests from consumers in your area who need services that you can provide.


Create Profile

Showcase your qualifications by setting up a skills profile with Redbeacon

Receive Request

Receive a detailed job request in your expertise from customers in your location

Submit Quote

Submit quotes or request to see the job onsite on your smartphone or computer

Review & Selection

The customer reviews your response, quote and profile then selects you


Call the customer to schedule the appointment and get the job done right.

Job Done Right

The customer leaves you a positive review resulting in even more jobs via Redbeacon

How to respond

After we contact you about a local job that sounds great for your business's specialty, you have a few options for how to respond:

Price quote: If the details of the customer's job request are clear and the parameters are known, you should submit a price quote. When you quote a price for a customer's request, you are committing to this dollar amount. The homeowner will have a chance to leave a tip, of course!
Onsite estimate: If you feel strongly that you need to see the job site before committing to a price, you may ask to be invited onsite for an estimate. When you are selected for an onsite estimate, you are not guaranteed the job, but you have more flexibility on price, depending on the size and needs of the work to be done. You'll then submit a proposal for the price for labor and materials, and after the customer approves the proposal and you complete the job, you can invoice the homeowner for the work.
Proposal: Sending a proposal is optional. You'll want to send a proposal prior to doing work if you and the customer have not yet agreed to price terms, if the scope of service has changed, or if you want to collect an upfront deposit. Once the customer accepts your proposal, the document serves as reference of the terms to which you and the customer have agreed.
Invoice: In order to receive payment from a customer, you'll first need to send an invoice after completing work. In the invoice you'll outline the costs to the customer. The price for labor and materials that you list in this form will dictate exactly what the customer will pay. (The customer can still add a tip if they choose!)

Why should I set up a profile?

Your profile becomes the face of your online reputation, and it proves to our customers that you're qualified to fulfill the job's needs. The consumer sees your profile and reads your reviews, and because he or she has the opportunity to see these items before booking, an up-to-date profile with pictures, several good reviews, and full information about your insurance and licensing can mean the difference between your landing the job and the work going to another local pro. We assign a ranking to our pros called the RB Pro Score, which takes into account your qualifications, reputation, and level of service. A low RB Pro Score is a tough way to make a good first impression with a potential customer, but don't worry: we've got lots of suggestions for how to improve your RB Pro Score.


Mobile for Pros

Mobile for Pros

We know that building your business does not mean hours behind a computer screen. You're always on the go, which is why we've created the Redbeacon mobile site for our pros. With our mobile site, you'll be able to receive job requests, quote, and submit proposals and invoices... all from your smartphone.

We've analyzed the data, and the best way to win a job is to quote quickly. Our mobile site allows you to quote in real time straight from your jobsite, so that you can win more jobs while on the job.


How to Win More Jobs

We want you to maximize your opportunities to win jobs through Redbeacon, so here are a few ways to boost your chances of landing jobs:

Build a solid profile. Updated information for your licenses, bonding, insurance, and even background checks can demonstrate to our consumers that you're trustworthy and qualified. A more complete profile means that you'll boost your RB Pro Score: a metric we assign to your profile that is generated out of your consumer reviews and your profile's level of detail.
Quote quickly. The data is conclusive: Your chances of winning a job are stronger if you quote soon after getting the notification for the job. In fact, if you can quote within the first four hours, the more likely you are to win. Our speedy mobile site facilitates quoting on the go.
Quote locally. Many consumers prefer a local professional. We highly encourage you to frequently quote on jobs that come up in your immediate area.
Submit detailed quotes. A detailed quote can sometimes sell your services better than the price. When you're quoting a customer, make sure you include what's included for the price, the reasons you're qualified, and how soon you could schedule the job.
Be responsive. When a customer poses a question, that means he or she is getting close to booking. The sooner you can respond to these questions, the more likely it is that you'll be chosen to perform the job.
Get paid. Get paid: Redbeacon takes the payment for the job from the homeowner, and you'll recieve your payment through PayPal immediately. Successfully getting paid reflects positively onto your RB Score, which can help you win more jobs in the future.
Get positive reviews. The easiest way to make sure your Redbeacon review is positive? Be on time. It will be hard to get a positive review if the job starts off on the wrong foot. If you feel like the job was done to the consumer's satisfaction, encourage them to leave you a glowing review. If you haven't gotten enough Redbeacon reviews, ask past customers for testimonials and add reviews from other sites such as Yelp, Citysearch, and Google.

How It Works

JobTrack is your go-to place to track all of your Redbeacon transactions, including every proposal, invoice, payment, and your monthly point total.

Ready for Your Next Appointment

Every dollar you spend at The Home Depot converts into points that can be used to pay for Redbeacon jobs. You get 2 points on Redbeacon for every dollar you spend at Home Depot. If you’re ever in a situation where your points commission exceeds your balance, we ensure that you’ll have enough points to win your next job by auto-charging your credit card when your balance dips below zero.

Painless Payments

Once you’ve completed the job and sent an invoice, the customer submits a payment through Redbeacon for the work you’ve done. You’ll receive your payment for the work you’ve completed through PayPal. Shortly thereafter, we’ll auto-deduct the points balance from your account for the points commission of the job you’ve won.

Track Everything

Keeping up to date on all your work and billing activity has never been easier. JobTrack allows you to see your points balance, job payments, tips, and membership fees at any time in one easy-to-use place. For tax purposes, you’ll be able to see a monthly itemized listing of the business you’ve done through Redbeacon on JobTrack.

Shop at The Home Depot. Earn points.

Pay for jobs you complete through Redbeacon with points you earn shopping at The Home Depot. You'll earn 2 points for every dollar you spend at The Home Depot.

Negative Balance Policy

If your JobTrack fund has a negative point balance and we are unable to charge your credit card, we will suspend your account, which will prevent you from quoting and scheduling new jobs through Redbeacon. Jobs that you schedule prior to going into a negative balance will be honored, but your debt to Redbeacon will increase for each appointment commission.

We're Here

If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to help at 1-855-RBEACON (1-855-723-2266) and support@redbeacon.com.


How You'll Get Paid

Still have questions about how you'll get paid? Watch us explain all the details here:

Getting Paid

Applying for a PayPal debit MasterCard
Want instant access to the money you earn on Redbeacon? It's as easy as applying for a PayPal debit Mastercard. Learn more about the process here.
Add Redbeacon to your home screen
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