How Much Does a Sprinkler System Installation Cost?

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How Much Does a Sprinkler System Installation Cost?

Sprinkler systems simplify irrigation for lawns and gardens, ensuring proper coverage without you ever having to handle a hose. A qualified landscape contractor or sprinkler system installer can help you design a system that meets the specific needs of your yard and plantings.


Sprinkler Locations

Sprinkler systems are commonly installed in commercial as well as residential applications. Since the size and terrain of residential yards are often quite different than those of apartment and business buildings, installation rates will vary with settings. Nationally, the average price for installing a sprinkler system at a single-family home is $918, compared to $1472 for apartment buildings and $1287 for commercial properties.


Installing a Sprinkler System in a Bare Yard

Like many projects, installing a sprinkler system is often easiest during construction, before landscaping is complete. Since a number of trenches and holes must be cut or dug into the soil to place lines, valves and heads, completing the installation prior to laying sod or placing gardens is minimally disruptive. Prices for installing sprinkler systems in a bare yard average $946 to $1182, varying mostly with the complexity of the system design.


Sprinkler Systems Installed in Existing Lawn

While established lawns do not preclude the addition of a sprinkler system, the added effort to remove or cut through sod may call for extra labor or equipment to complete the project. Generally, installation rates for sprinkler systems placed in existing lawns are between $1008 and $1354, though additional work to restore sod and plantings may add to overall project costs.


Sprinkler Purpose

Sprinkler systems can be customized to accurately distribute water among a variety of landscape features. The specific design of your system will affect installation rates, but prices for a variety of applications can help you anticipate the cost of your project. Systems for watering a lawn are typically installed for $642 to $1154, while those designed for trees cost from $414 to $1807, compared to $518 to $1007 for flower beds, $316 to $1912 for shrubs and between $478 and $993 for garden areas.


Manual Sprinkler Systems

Manual sprinkler systems are turned on and off by the operation of valves. Since manual systems have no electronic components, their installations are usually economical, ranging from $437 to $2147, nationally. While efficient to install and operate, the common issue of overwatering with a manual system may increase your water use expenses.


Automated Sprinkler Systems

Automated sprinkler systems use an electronic controller to turn the system on and off. These systems operate on an automatic timer, and require a power supply and programming, to provide the most beneficial settings for your application. The more complex aspects of installation influence project prices between $517 and $2457. While automated systems are often more expensive than manual systems to purchase and install, their custom controls and automatic shut-off make them very effective and efficient.


Planning for Your Sprinkler System

The purpose and complexity of your sprinkler system are important considerations in planning for installation costs, and the condition of your job site and water supply will contribute to the difficulty of your project. Consider the terrain of your yard or garden, the type of system you prefer, and the availability of plumbing and electrical connections as you plan your sprinkler system and its installation. Your contractor can help you determine an effective layout and design and understand how the specific characteristics of your project will influence installation costs.

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