How Much Does a Light Switch Replacement Cost?

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How Much Does a Light Switch Replacement Cost?

Light switches wear out, and need to be replaced. When they do, it is helpful when you call the electrician, to be able to state with clarity, what type of switch it is. That way, he can be sure to have the correct part when he arrives. Before you call him, you might also want to consider an upgrade that can make your life a little easier. Dimmer switches, and timer switches, cost little more than a standard on and off switch, and offer additional conveniences that might be to your benefit and liking. Along with, single light switches and, double light switches, they are among the most common types installed.


Single Light Switch Replacement

A single light switch, also called a “single pole switch” is the simplest switch of all. As the name implies, it serves one purpose, to turn on and off only one item. You can often tell when a switch is beginning to wear out. Over time the crisp sound and feel of the switch, when turned on and off, begins to fade. When that happens it is better to replace it then be left in the dark. Single pole switches are used not only for lights, but for anything that requires a simple on – off electrical function. It usually requires no more than a service call, and can cost anywhere from $65 to $127.


Double Light Switch Replacement

As with the single light switch, the double light switch “double pole switch” is also self- explanatory. It operates two items. An example would be a bathroom exhaust fan with a light. One switch operates the fan, the other one turns on the light. Ceiling fans often have a double switch also. Double light switches require a different wiring pattern than a single switch, and cost slightly more to replace. The average cost for this project should be between $74 and $143.


Dimmer Light Switch Replacement

Dimmer switches are great when you want more than just an instant bright or dark experience. They offer an infinite number of shades of light from; can barely see - to put on the sunglasses. They can be the perfect solution to TV rooms, and hallways, and even children’s bedrooms. They also make nighttime visits to the “nature calls facility” much more pleasant. They require little more time than a standard light switch, and the average high-low price is usually between $64 - $125.


Light Switch Timer Replacement

Standard light switches can be replaced with timer switches. These types of devises have grown very popular, and serve a number of functions. If you work from daylight to dark, they can light your way to the car in the morning, and back to the house at night, without being on all day. Random timer switches can be used during vacation to keep “would be burglars” at bay. They can even turn the TV on and off for you. Some modern versions even have remote controls to adjust the times more easily, and don’t require a rocket scientist to figure them out. Timer switches are not difficult for an electrician to install, and vary in price from $70 to $136.


Replacing light switches almost boarders on routine maintenance. It is a common task that could be necessary several times over a lifetime stretch in a house. You may replace them for color schemes, convenience, new technology, or simply wearing out. Whatever reason you have for replacing your switches, consider the added convenience of dimmer, and timer switches. They can not only save time and money, but make life a little more relaxed also.

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