How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost?

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How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost?

Hiring a landscaper or lawn service to handle your mowing and yard care can simplify a number of outdoor maintenance tasks at your home. The size and terrain of your lawn, and other services provided with your mowing contract contribute to overall costs.


Average Lawn Mowing Service Prices

The cost guide below provides average national and local prices for lawn mowing services.


Mowing Location

Many contractors provide mowing services for both residential and commercial locations. The characteristics of residential yards are often different from those of apartment and business facilities, and may affect rates for mowing and lawn service. Nationally, the average price for lawn mowing at a home is $52, compared to $60 for apartment buildings and $63 for business locations.


Mowing Frequency

Rates for mowing often vary with the frequency of service, since the length of time between trimmings contributes to the difficulty of the job. Hiring a mowing service once costs an average of $60, while contracting for regular services varies with a $54 price for mowing once weekly, $54 for every other week and $60 for service once a month.


Size of the Area to Mow

Lawn cutting rates are often based on the size of the area that is mowed at each visit. Nationally, the average fee for mowing an area 1,000 square feet or less is $54, compared to $51 for a 1,000-2,000 square foot yard, $58 for 2,000-3,000 square feet, $55 for 3,000-4,000 square feet, and $61 for an area that is 4,000-5,000 square feet.


Edging Service

Edging lawns around walks, driveways and curbs creates a crisp line between grass and hard surfaces. Most lawn care providers offer edging as a periodic or regular service, available on-order or as part of your maintenance contract. Prices for edging range from $37 to $77 in the US, and vary with the condition and size of the work area. Lawn edges that are very overgrown may require extensive work, while areas that are maintained regularly can be handled more efficiently.


Blowing Service

Keeping patios, walks and driveways clear of grass clippings helps to maintain a neat appearance for your entire yard. Blowing off hard surfaces may be a part of your contractor’s standard services or may be an add-on item, with prices typically ranging from $39 to $81.


Lawn Fertilization Service

Lawn care providers offer fertilization services that can save you a great deal of time on periodic yard maintenance. Prices for fertilizing your lawn may vary with the type and frequency of service, but rates are generally between $42 and $89. Your provider can recommend a fertilizer regimen for your lawn that is appropriate for your climate and soil.


Lawn Aeration Service

Aerating a lawn can improve its overall health by increasing absorption of water, nutrients, and oxygen. The service is typically recommended once or twice per season, depending on soil type and lawn usage. Periodic aeration is offered by most lawn service providers at prices that range from $44 to $92.


Weed Prevention Service

Like fertilizers, preventative weed treatments are offered periodically, often in conjunction with fertilizing. Fees for applying herbicides may vary with the materials used and the size of the area to cover, and typically cost from $41 to $87. If you plan to contract weed prevention services as well as periodic fertilizing, discuss with your contractor if combining the treatments is a practical option for your home.


Planning for Mowing and Lawn Services

In addition to basic mowing, lawn care contractors offer a number of services that can relieve the burden of yard maintenance. Discuss which services and schedules are appropriate for your yard, and whether a service plan or package is an efficient way to plan for upkeep. Many contractors offer neighborhood discounts for clients in the same area, and bundled services that can provide an economical program for handling a full season’s lawn care.


Lawn Mowing Services

Now that you’re convinced you need a good lawn mowing service to take care of your lawn, look to Redbeacon for help. All of the Pros in our network have been background checked and our in-house staff has verified their credentials and insurance coverage. Hiring a trusted Redbeacon Pro can give you the assurance the job will be done right, every step of the way.

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