How to Keep Birds from Flying into your Windows

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How to Keep Birds from Flying into your Windows

Although not a popular and commonly talked about concern, preventing birds from striking your windows is very important – for both your home and the environment. For whatever reason a bird may be attracted to your home, it is important that you read a couple tips we have included here so that it happens less often. If you live in a densely populated area with lots of birds, we would highly suggest taking a few extra precautions for the windows of your home.


Window protection from birds may not seem important to you, but the risk factor of glass breaking or dead birds on your lawn is always there. Birds cannot see glass and cannot recognize the difference from a glass window compared to the rest of the environment.

  1. Birds cannot see glass and cannot recognize the difference from a glass window compared to the rest of the environment.

    1.Add Some Branches

    Although it may not look quite as nice, adding branches to windows in your home that get hit the most can help to stop collisions. This is because not only will the birds more likely be attracted to landing on the branch instead of flying into the window, but anything that disrupts the reflective quality of the window will make it easier for a bird to realize that it is a window and not just air.

  2. 2.Relocate Any Bird Feeders

    Perhaps your bird feeder (providing you have one) is inaptly placed and is actually directing bird traffic towards your window. Birds usually develop a certain flight place in able to access your feeder, so if you move the actual bird feeder either farther away or closer to your window, the bird will have to take a different route. Obviously the closer the bird feeder is, the more dangerous it can become so we would suggest moving it farther away if possible.

  3. 3.Food Wrap

    This option is not very attractive so we would recommend it on a window that perhaps gets hit by birds but is not seen by other people. Taping or sticking plastic food wrap on your windows will get rid of the reflectiveness in the window itself which will in turn make the bird able to realize that it should not fly into it.

  4. 4.If You’re Feeling Festive – Get Some Balloons!

    The sight of floating balloons near a window is sure to scare off any birds – just make sure it doesn’t scare of neighbors as well! To save money, buy the mylar balloons (usually the big shapes or figures) that last a lot longer and don’t pop as easily.

  5. 5.Use a Hawk

    Of course we don’t mean a real hawk here. Printing out a nice sized picture of a hawk and taping it to your window is a great way to help steer birds clear of your home. Birds are attracted to windows because they reflect the sky and so they see no harm in flying into them. Putting a large hawk can scare the birds enough to where they won’t want to fly into the window. Adding a scarecrow as well can be a great combination.

  6. 6.Try Tape Strips

    If you are low on funds but still want to hear less birds slamming into your windows, buying tape is one efficient way to stop them in their tracks. Placing long vertical pieces of tape on a window about three or four inches apart creates a pattern that helps the birds to see that there is a window in their way, and not just reflections of sky.


    Save birds and your windows by listening to some of our suggestions and making your house and yard a much safer place. Always consult your neighbors before putting up anything that could potentially bother their property.

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