How Often Should My Home Be Sprayed for Termites?

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 How Often Should My Home Be Sprayed for Termites?

Termites thrive on a combination of wood and moisture. Therefore, they are often found near human habitations. However, they need to be eliminated from homes since they can weaken the structure of your home and also damage many of its contents. Typically, termites are killed using pesticides. The effect of these pesticides can last for some time keeping your home safe from termites for a few years. However, it is best to have annual termite inspections of your home to ensure that a fresh colony has not been established. In most cases, you need to spray your home for termites only after three or five years.

  1. 1.Benefits of Spraying for Termites

    The door is the first thing that anyone sees before entering a home. Don’t you want to make a great first impression?

    The treatment to eliminate termites depends on the location and size of the colony. However, the most effective way of getting rid of termites is considered to be spraying. The pesticide is sprayed all over the affected area to ensure that the termites are killed. This system is effective in the case of dry termites. In such cases the wood used in constructing the house is sprayed with the pesticide. The pesticide is also sprayed into the soil around the house creating a barrier against the entry of termites.

  2. 2.Contributing Factors

    Termites can be present in dry wood, in studs, wall panels, attics, and basements. One way of reducing the space available for termites is to fill wall cavities with foam that inhibits the presence of termites. Gaps and cracks in the wall as well as wood shavings can attract termites. Termites need plenty of organic matter to establish a colony. One way of reducing the availability of food for termites is to keep the yard close to the house clear of dry leaves, twigs, and other organic debris.

  3. 3.Damp Wood Termites

    Damp wood termites as the name suggests require moisture in the wood to survive. The best way to keep these insects out of your home is to treat the soil around it to make sure they cannot find a way in. It is vital that the soil around the house is saturated with the pesticide as even small gaps are sufficient for the termites to make their way in. Additionally, all wood and empty spaces under the home should also be treated to ensure that damp wood termites do not build a colony there.

  4. 4.Dry Wood Termites

    Dry wood termites are found in the dry coastal regions of the country. They can survive is dry wood and multiply rapidly. To prevent the establishment of a colony of dry wood termites, you need to use liquid pesticide around the house. Additionally, the wood where termite activity has been found should also be treated.


    Termites are harmful to homes for a number of reasons but it is more than this. Termites can cause sickness to humans. The outstanding show House had an episode about this several years ago where they revealed a woman had acquired a strange sickness and it was finally revealed it was because her house was filled with termites right on the other side of the sheet rock. Now this is an extreme case but you do not need that many termites to possibly pass on dangerous germs to humans and their pets.

  5. 5.Find an Exterminator with Redbeacon

    While it is possible for the homeowner to apply termite pesticide on their own, this is often insufficient to exterminate termites. The pesticide has to be applied in the right concentration and cover all the areas of the home thoroughly. This is better done by an experienced termite exterminator. Even if you are very busy, you can find a reliable termite exterminator by using the services of Redbeacon. All you need to do is visit the Redbeacon website and spend as less as 30 seconds registering your needs.


    Redbeacon will then take over. It will match your requirements against its database of service providers and identify termite exterminators in your area. It will then contact them and ask them for bids. Meanwhile, Redbeacon will also verify the online reviews of the exterminators and ensure that they are all able and willing to provide high quality service. Redbeacon will then forward four bids to you. All you need to do is select the termite exterminator of your choice. The work will start as per the schedule provided in the contract. Once work is completed, Redbeacon will wait for 24 hours for your feedback if any before releasing payment to the termite exterminator.


    Termites can be extremely destructive to your home unless exterminated. For this home owners should stay alert to signs of termite infestation such as flying termites and termite tunnels. Additionally, they should ensure that experts examine their home for termites at least once a year. However, since it is difficult to spot the presence of termites until they have caused extensive damage, the best way to deal with them is to take preventive steps.


    Having your home sprayed for termites once in three years will ensure that your property is protected from them. Termites are silent destroyers that live on organic matter such as cellulose. This means that they can eat away the structure of your home, your clothes, books, furnishings, paintings, and even important documents. Instead of risking all of these, a prudent home owner should schedule regular termite inspections and treatments for their home.


    A home is both an investment and a place that provides emotional security for its residents. Every home contains valuable clothes and furnishings, important documents, as well as priceless mementos and photos that help keep memories and family traditions alive. A lot of these objects are at risk from termites. Termites can silently build colonies in your home, in the attic or basement, or behind wall studs and destroy irreplaceable objects – pictures of grandparents, wedding dresses, baby clothes, documents, art work, and more. The best way to safeguard all of these is to take preventive steps against termites. Scheduling regular inspections for termites and preventive spraying will ensure the extermination of termites and prevent their entry into your home and lives.

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