How Much Does Sprinkler System Repair Cost?

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How Much Does Sprinkler System Repair Cost?

Poor performance from your sprinkler system can threaten the health of your lawn, gardens, and other plantings. A sprinkler service technician can assess the problems you are having with your system to diagnose and repair affected sprinkler heads, valves, supply lines, and controls.


Sprinkler Locations

Sprinkler systems are popular at business and apartment facilities as well as at single-family homes. The size, complexity, settings, and purpose of systems may vary with their location, affecting the approach and expense of service and repairs. Residential irrigation systems cost an average of $172 to repair. These installations may be comprised of several types of sprinkler heads, but are often built on a smaller scale than those at apartment or business properties, which may cost $318 and $262 to repair, respectively.


Sprinkler Types and Function

Home irrigation systems are typically customized to suit the size and makeup of your yard. If the primary purpose of your sprinklers is to water lawns, you can expect repairs to cost about $117. Specialized zones, lines, and heads that service certain areas may have individual considerations, with repair rates averaging $132 for areas with trees, $124 for flower bed sites, $128 when used for shrubs, and $137 in other gardens.


Repairing a Sprinkler System that Does Not Operate

If your entire sprinkler system has failed, your contractor may need to examine, service, or replace main controls, valves, and supply lines to restore function to the entire installation. Depending on the accessibility and condition of these elements, it may cost from $172 to $284 to get your system up and running. Most water line and sprinkler head replacements are minimally disruptive to your landscaping, but repairing residual damage may add to your overall project costs.


Repairing Selected Sprinkler Heads

Whether sprinkler heads in a specific area of your yard stop working, or only a select few throughout the system, your contractor will need to isolate the problem to determine if repairs are needed on the lines and valves within an entire zone, or just for affected heads. Repairs for this type of performance issue may range from $96 to $178 and can include replacing individual heads, servicing valves and repairing supply lines.


Repairing Damaged Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads can be damaged by exposure, impact, or yard equipment. Depending on the nature and severity of damage, your technician may be able to repair the unit with some replacement parts, but a complete replacement of the head is necessary in some cases. The condition and accessibility of damaged units will influence service costs, which range from $77 to $216.


Adjusting a Sprinkler System

Adjusting the position, timing, and pressure of your sprinkler system may improve effectiveness if performance has declined or is not appropriate for its application. Your contractor can help you determine if changing and relocating heads, adjusting valves, and reprogramming timers may resolve problems in your yard. Simple adjustments to heads and timers may cost as little as $63, while more complex repairs can range up to $313 and may involve digging up portions of your system to service or upgrade valves, lines, and sprinkler heads.


Correcting Problems with Timers

Automatic sprinkler systems are controlled by timers that are set to turn a water supply on and off at predetermined intervals. When timers malfunction, your sprinkler system may fail to turn on or off, or may operate at inopportune times. Timers are generally installed inside your home or garage and can be easily accessed by your technician. If your timer does not work at all, it may cost you $156 to repair or replace it, while having it adjusted or reset may cost $72.


Planning for Sprinkler System Repairs

Understanding the design and function of your sprinkler system can help you discuss potential problems and repair options with your installer or technician, providing for an efficient and economical repair. Your contractor can also help you evaluate the overall effectiveness of your sprinklers to determine whether altering or upgrading your system may yield better performance.

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