How Much Does an Interior Painting Job Cost?

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How Much Does an Interior Painting Job Cost?

New paint can change the entire atmosphere of a single room or an entire house. It can make a dreary room lively, or a cold room cozy. It can also turn a beautiful room into an ugly mess if it is not painted properly. Runs, drips, and bleed-through, can lead to costly repairs and added expenses when unprofessionally done. Many states now require lead certification for painting contractors, and this process has eliminated some of the unscrupulous characters imitating experts.


Average Interior Painting Cost

The cost guide below provides average national and local prices for an interior paint job.


Cost to Paint a House

Many homeowners consider painting routine maintenance, and have the living spaces rejuvenated every several years. Others grow tired of the same old color and repaint for a change. Remodeling is another reason for repainting walls and ceilings. Whatever the reason, painting continues to be one of the most popular contracted jobs in the trades. With the cost of paint rising due to regulated changes in paint formulas, the average cost to paint the interior of a home is now between $445 and $1503.


Cost to Paint an Apartment

Most apartment building managers schedule repainting on a regular basis. Painting may even be done between appointed times when a tenant moves out. Sometimes new tenants request a color of their choosing, and the interior will be painted to their liking. While some buildings have their own painters on staff, it is becoming popular practice to hire a contractor instead in order to avoid costly benefits and insurance of hourly employees. The cost to paint an apartment will average between $482 and $1629.


Cost to Paint a Business

Businesses often have special requirements that limit the painting contractor to specific hours. Painting during hours of operation may not be practical, and for that reason residential painters shy away from commercial projects. It also allows commercial painters to charge more for the inconvenience of painting during odd hours. The charge for this service can range from $534 to $1804.


Cost to Paint a Room

Painting even one or two rooms requires a good amount of preparation. If the walls need sanding, the area has to be sealed from the rest of the house for dust control, furniture must be moved or covered, and tarps must be placed to avoid spillage on the finished floor. The cost to paint one or two living spaces can range from $348 to $960. If three or four rooms are being done the total can be $474 to $1307, and five or six rooms can cost anywhere from $689 to $1897.

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Square Feet

Painting less than 200 square feet usually means a wall has been replaced or a small ceiling is being done. The cost for this size of painting repair normally runs between $375 and $1170. 200 to 400 square feet is a fair representation of a single room and you can expect to pay $429 and $1340 to have the walls repainted. Areas that consist of 400 to 600 square feet require additional miscellaneous costs for the contractor and will usually bring the total somewhere between $468 and $1461.


Paint Interior Trim vs. Doors vs. Ceilings

Trim is seldom painted with the same paint as the walls. Even if the color is the same, a different product is required because of the different surface. Painting trim also requires an experienced painter that can run a fine line with his brush. This service will cost an additional $494 to $1615 for the average size room. Doors must also have a smooth finish to look good, and call for the same expertise as trim. For painting the doors in your home, you can expect to pay $527 to $1721. Painting the ceiling is usually the easiest part of a paint job. The average size ceiling can be painted for $182 to $416.


Single Color vs. Multiple Colors

Many newly built homes maintain the same color trim as the walls. The reason is cost. Painting trim a different color nearly doubles the time and expense of a paint job. Extreme care has to be taken to insure the lines are perfect. Most contractors have specific painters that do only trim. They are the cream of the crop and seldom make mistakes. Painting the trim a unique color will add $204 to $582 to the average job.


Winter is the perfect time for Interior painting, especially in the northern climate. But no matter what climate you live in, if you are feeling bored about your home, pick up the phone and call the contractor. New paint will not only refresh your living quarters, but your spirit as well.


Interior Painting Service

If you are ready to line up a Pro for an interior painting project, contact a Redbeacon interior painting professional in your area to discuss the job. All of the Pros in our network have been background checked and our in-house staff has verified their credentials and insurance coverage. Hiring a trusted Redbeacon Pro can give you the assurance the job will be done right, every step of the way.


Cost to Paint Exterior of House

Considering painting your home's exterior? See, How Much Does an Exterior Painting Job Cost? to learn about the costs associated with having your home professionally painted.

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