Dual Shower Head Installation and Benefits

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Dual Shower Head Installation and Benefits

There are all sorts of dual showerhead showers nowadays and you should know about dual showerhead installation and benefits. Many people don’t know the benefits of such a system but there are many configurations and options. It can be a great way to turn a small space into a more comfortable shower or even make your shower accessible as you age. There are a few considerations when looking into a dual showerhead.

  1. When you add a second showerhead you may want to consider changing your shower door.

    1.Beware of Your Waterproofing

    When you are adding a second showerhead you really need to look at your current bathroom layout. The tilt of the tile or the layout of your door or curtain might limit where you place the second head. You want to ensure the area where the water will hit is waterproof and that it will properly drain just as the water from the original head.

  2. 2.Consider Your Shower Door

    When you add a second showerhead you may want to consider changing your shower door. If you have had any water problems or if you currently use a curtain, the added pressure can cause leaking and potential water damage in the rest of the bathroom. Solid doors are usually the optimal choice when it comes to more than one showerhead.

  3. 3.Save Time, Share the Warmth

    If you share your shower whether with your significant other or you throw your kids in there together, the dual showerhead can save time when it comes to both people getting clean. It also helps in the colder months keeping both parties warm as you don’t have to hand off the hot water, everyone can be in the water at once.

  5. 4.Transition for Older Age or Just Different Heights

    Dual showerheads also offer a better transition for later in life. If you are planning on staying in your home, preparing your shower to handle your needs as you age is very important. You can put a second showerhead in low so that you can use it from a sitting position. Making it a mobile showerhead is often the best bet to make it last for a long time.

  6. 5.Check with the Plumbing

    You need to ensure you plumbing can handle the divide in the pressure. You may need to adjust your hot water heater or other pipe configurations to ensure proper pipe placement. Anytime you add extra elbows and splits you are increasing your chances of leaks or pressure problems. Consulting a professional plumber is advisable for such work.


    Your dual showerhead will increase the value of your bathroom and probably the usability. Even if you are only using the shower on your own, you will find the change in the way the water hits you is desirable, makes your shower warmer and often allows you to shower more quickly. The practicality of the dual showerhead might not be easy to see at first, but once you use it, you will definitely understand the benefits.

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