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Curb Painting Guide

When seconds count, you don’t want emergency personnel unable to find your house because they can’t find your house number. An easy and effective solution to this problem is to paint house numbers onto curbs in front of houses.


Some municipalities provide residents with access to a free curb-painting kit. By borrowing this kit, residents have the use of stencil numbers, tape, paintbrushes and instructions for painting house numbers onto a curb. All the residents must purchase is the paint for the numbers.


With a helpful curb painting guide, you can add bold and bright house numbers to the curb in front of your home to ensure that everyone sees your house number.

  1. Optimally, the background color must be a high contrast from the color you use for the numbers to ensure that the numbers are visible.

    1.Choose Your Paint

    A spray paint that adheres to concrete is the simplest way to apply paint to a curb. When you use spray paint products, you will need to use something to protect the surrounding areas from overspray – a large piece of cardboard works well for this purpose.


    You can keep your curb painting simple or you can make it more complicated by using a variety of colors to create a design or background image.

  2. 2.Preparing the Surface

    Wash the curb first to make sure it’s clean and free of debris. After hosing it and brushing it off, let it dry completely before proceeding with the paint process.


    Tape the area for the background paint color using duct tape. The background area should be at least 2 inches wider and taller than the numbers on each side to create a background that’s pleasing to the eye. Optimally, the background color must be a high contrast from the color you use for the numbers to ensure that the numbers are visible.

  4. 3.Applying the Paint

    Apply the paint when the weather is between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal adhesion. Choose a day when the weather is dry and when the wind is not blowing to avoid the wind carrying your spray paint where you don’t want it.


    Spray the background paint inside the taped area for the background. Allow the background paint to dry for the time specified on the can and then apply a second coat. Allow the second coat to dry completely before proceeding.


    Position the stencils for the numbers over the background paint and center them carefully to make them neat. Protect the background area from paint overspray while you paint the numbers. Spray paint onto the stencil to create the house numbers on the background paint. Allow the first coat of number paint to dry completely and then apply a second coat of paint for the numbers to ensure that the numbers are highly visible.


    Apply two coats of clear enamel spray over the painted area to seal it and prevent it from chipping or fading. Remove the duct tape after you finish the painting process.


    With your house number painted onto your curb, you can eliminate worry that your landscaping or exterior house design will prevent emergency personnel from seeing your house number. The process of painting your house number onto your curb should not take more than an hour or two.

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