How Much Does a Ceiling Fan Installation Cost?

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How Much Does a Ceiling Fan Installation Cost?

Installing a ceiling fan is a simple and economical way to improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. A wide variety of fan features, combined with the condition of your installation site will help determine the cost of your project. Consider both the fan fixture and its intended location to understand what contributes to the overall cost.


New Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fan installations require an electrician to make connections to the electrical wiring of your home. Fixtures can then be placed in any location that can be properly wired for your fan and support its weight. The national range of $115 to $242 for ceiling fan installations is primarily affected by the location and state of the mounting site.


Replacing an Existing Light Fixture

If you plan to install your new ceiling fan in the same location as an existing light fixture, some consideration must be given to the site. In most cases, the current wiring will be adequate for your new fan, but any necessary upgrades your electrician makes will add to the cost of the project. Also, since ceiling fans are generally heavier than light fixtures, your electrician must ensure that the electrical box mounted inside your ceiling is able to support the added weight of your new fan. If the box must be changed or supported, additional time and materials to improve the site will affect your costs. You can expect to pay between $104 and $218 for a project of this type in the U.S.


Replacing an Existing Fan Fixture

In most cases, replacing an old fan with a new one is a simple job that requires little modification to your home and generally costs $101 to $211, based on national prices. Many new fans include remote controls and work with your existing wall switch, but upgrading your switch to one with fan controls will add to the cost of the project. The materials needed for the job should be included with your fan fixture and switch, so your choice of fixtures and your electrician’s time are the main factors that determine the price of your installation.


Adding the Wiring for Your New Fixture

Installing your ceiling fan in a location that has never been wired for any electrical fixture is the most expensive scenario, since it requires new wiring in your home. National prices for new ceiling fan installations range from $106 to $273 and are mostly affected by the location for your new fixture and the condition of your home’s wiring. Since your electrician will need to run new wires from the fan site to your electrical panel, the ease of access he has to your ceiling structure and existing wiring will determine the time and materials involved in preparing the site for your fixture.


Installing a Ceiling Fan on a High Ceiling

Often, the desired location for a fan is on a higher-than-average ceiling. Installing the fixture in a less accessible area will increase the cost of the project. Extra parts such as extension poles may be necessary to level or lower the fan to the correct height, and installing completely new wiring for a high or slanted ceiling is more challenging than doing so in an easily accessible area. Even with proper wiring and mounting hardware already in place, the added difficulty of reaching the higher location and maneuvering the fixture during installation may require your electrician to use additional equipment or manpower to complete the job. The national average price for installing a fan on an 8’ high ceiling is $140, compared to $171 for installation on a 14’ high ceiling.


Ceiling Fan Installation Service

Installing a ceiling fan can be an economical and stylish way to improve efficiency and comfort in your home. A wide variety of features gives you plenty to consider as you choose a ceiling fan fixture that suits your needs and your home. Choices in style, power, lights, speed and controls will affect the price of your fan, while the conditions of your wiring and installation site will affect the cost of completing the job. Evaluate your preferences for the fan and its location as you plan the budget for your project.

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