How Much Does Cabinetry Painting Cost?

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How Much Does Cabinetry Painting Cost?

A popular step in most kitchen remodels or general cleanups is to redo the cabinets. Replacing them can be costly and time-consuming so many homeowners opt to repaint instead. Done correctly, this procedure can make a kitchen look almost new, as the cabinetry is a major focal point of the room. This is true for bathrooms as well. Here’s a overview of the tasks and costs involved.


Cabinetry Painting

If your paint (or stain, or veneer) is worn and dirty from use, painting over it is often a viable solution. Sanding or scraping the existing finish is a necessary first step, as is removing the handles or pulls (you may be ok to leave the hinges on and the doors in place, but possibly not if they block access). In some cases it’s possible to use a deglossing agent instead of sanding or scraping, on surfaces that have a glossy finish. The cost of doing this procedure ranges from a low of $367 to a high of $1113.


Cabinetry Staining

If you have bare wood cabinets, staining the wood will preserve and emphasize the natural woodgrain. Many people prefer this look to paint, and it can be done without too much hassle. The wood will need to be sanded very smooth (and in the case of painted cabinets, stripped of the original paint and then sanded). Some surface may need a conditioner applied before the stain to ensure even coverage and coloring. The stain is typically applied with a brush and then rubbed into the wood with a cloth. The price for this job goes for $376 to $1141 on average.


Cabinetry Painting at Home

Many homes have built-in cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom that can be painted or stained to good effect; your painter can make recommendations for the finish to complement the room. Preparation is important to make sure the painting causes minimal disruption – because cabinets are often in high-traffic areas, it makes sense to have dropcloths deployed and furniture removed where practicable so that the rooms are useful just as soon as the finish dries. The extra preparation and teardown are worth the extra hassle to get your room back quickly. The cost for a typical cabinet painting job including setup and teardown ranges from $285 to $856.


Cabinetry Painting in Apartment

Apartment layouts are typically more compact that you’ll find in a single-family home, so the cabinetry may be a little more integrated into the structure than in houses. Hence the sides and doors may not always be the same coloring – your painter should be able to suggest workable color schemes for such instances. As with houses, efficient preparation and wrapup will minimize disruptions to your most-used rooms. The cost ranges from $238 to $714 for a typical apartment cabinetry paint job.


Cabinetry Painting at Business

Cabinets in a business setting can sometimes be painted without significantly disrupting the pace of work, although expediency is still appropriate. If needed, operations can be moved to another spot in the building while stain or paint is applied and adequate ventilation employed to keep fumes at a minimum. Unless the business is located in a residential building, odds are that the cabinetry will be fairly accessible if it is not built-in to the walls and alcoves. A typical job painting cabinetry in a business costs $369 to $1107.


Existing Painted, Stained or Laminate Wood

Painted, stained or laminate cabinetry surfaces present different challenges for a painter. Painted cabinets need to be cleaned thoroughly or possibly stripped and sanded for a new coat of paint. In some cases, a deglossing agent may substitute for sanding; this chemical will take a glossy sheen away from a painted surface so the new paint will adhere better. Repainting a painted cabinet typically costs $618. If a cabinet is stained, the surface will need to be sanded smooth for the new coating. If stain will be reapplied, a conditioning agent may be required for even coverage. Redoing a stained cabinet normally costs on average $682. Laminated surfaces will need to be sanded thoroughly as their smooth surfaces do not provide a good foothold for paint. They are not a candidate for stain, as the stand cannot soak into laminate material. Sanding a painting a laminated cabinet typically costs $607.

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