How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Remodeling a bathroom can improve an essential area of your home in a number of ways. Whether adding space and storage, upgrading dated fixtures, or just sprucing up with new lighting, paint or flooring, updating your bathroom can improve function, access, and comfort for your family and guests.


The Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

The price estimator below provides average national and local prices to remodel a bathroom. Prices can vary significantly depending on the type of job.


Scope of Your Remodel

Though baths are often the smallest rooms in our homes, they can be among the most daunting to renovate. A full remodel involves removing all the existing fixtures, flooring, lighting, and finishes, and may include expansion or reconfiguring plumbing and wiring for a new layout. Such a project is substantial and costs an average of $4218 in the U.S. A partial remodel may cost about $2267 and call for the replacement of flooring, cabinetry, and some fixtures. While not as complex as a complete renovation, the job requires significant skill and manpower. Making small updates is an economical way to refresh a dated bathroom, with an average price of $1154 to make changes to minor features such as paint, lighting, and hardware.


Bathroom Remodel Features

A bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to change anything from trim colors to tub units, with the selected features and changes influencing the timeline and cost of the job. Average remodel prices vary with the nature of upgrades, from $2237 for projects that include a new shower, $2334 with a standard bathtub, $3285 with a jetted tub, and $2057 with a new toilet. Including new cabinets with the job may cost $2457, compared to $2118 with a vanity, $1983 with a sink, and $2286 with new countertop. Incorporating new flooring can cost $3527, and $2247 for lighting, while a full remodel that includes upgrading all these features may cost $5278


Bathroom Location

The location of a bathroom is an important factor in the difficulty and expense of a remodel, since removing demolition debris, moving and installing large fixtures, and making changes to plumbing and wiring can be complicated by flights of stairs, lack of access, and the need for special equipment. Remodels on first floor baths cost an average $2614, compared to $3519 for second floor rooms which are often more difficult to access. Basement bath renovations can cost $3724 since they may have reasonable access, but often have limitations for flooring or fixtures and may require pumping equipment for proper drainage.


Work Previously Completed on a Bathroom

Often, work performed during a previous remodel will influence the scale and expense of a current project. If updates have been made to plumbing and ventilation, or if fixtures are in good condition and can be kept, the demands of a new project may be lessened. Remodeling a bath that has had work performed previously can cost from $1623 to $3258, depending on the nature and quality of work performed, and the amount and type of work that remains.


Remodeling without Work Performed Previously

Renovating a bathroom from its original state can be a very involved project that may call for extensive demolition as well as upgrades to plumbing, wiring, framing, and more. If the condition of the underlying framing is not known, unexpected repairs to damaged or worn structure may increase the complexity and expense of the job. Remodel prices for bathrooms that have not been previously updated range from $2584 to $3519 and are influenced by the overall condition of the room and fixtures as well as the scope of the renovation and related upgrades.


Planning for a Bathroom Remodel

Updating a bath in your home may involve the installation of new flooring and a fresh coat of paint, or could call for a full overhaul complete with a new configuration, high-end fixtures, and custom cabinetry. As you plan for your remodel, consider the condition of your fixtures and room, and the accessibility and special requirements of the work area. Your designer or contractor can help you select fixtures and features that complement your home’s style and meet the needs of your household, and can assess the extent and nature of the job to help you plan and budget for the project.

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