5 Plants For An Indoor Botanical Garden

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5 Plants For An Indoor Botanical Garden

You might think that flowers are only for outdoors – but that doesn’t have to be so. You can bring the beauty of flowers indoors by cultivating your very own indoor botanical garden.


If you would like to cultivate a botanical garden of your very own, there’s nothing stopping you but a little research and a little elbow grease. Read along to find 5 plants for an indoor botanical garden.

  1. 1.Begonias

    You can bring the beauty of flowers indoors by cultivating your very own indoor botanical garden.

    Begonias can be red, orange, white or pink. They are perennial flowers, which means that they live for more than two years. Perennials come into bloom during the spring and summer, and die back in the fall and winter. According to information from the University of Minnesota, these plants thrive in shady spots. Indirect or dappled light is best for them.

  2. 2.Cacti

    Experts from the Missouri Botanical Garden say cacti are great indoor plants because they can tolerate the low humidity and heat of a home. They fare well in direct sunlight conditions, in fact they require about four hours of sunlight a day. The experts say that the most common mistake cacti-owners make is overwatering these plants. “Generally, cacti will need watering every 2 to 3 weeks during the growing season and once a month during the winter,” the group says.

  3. 3.Chinese Fan Palm

    The Chinese fan palm, or Livistona Chinesis, is a native of southern Japan and Taiwan. It is another plant that does well with direct sunlight exposure. It grows in a moist environment, so plant owners are advised to keep its soil damp at all times. However, make sure you don’t overwater the plant. Water it just until the soil becomes dark, but not past the point of saturation

  5. 4.Indoor Clover

    Experts at the Chicago Botanic Garden say indoor clover (althernanthera dentata) is a great accent plant for your indoor botanic garden. “Indoor clover is a woody plant with burgundy foliage (with green undersides) that looks spectacular in the middle of a border,” the group says. They say this plant has dark foliage, and may also have pale greenish-white clover-type flowers.

  6. 5.Primrose

    Members of this flower family need lots of water. They advise placing them in deep pots and watering them every day. They also say that these flowers should not be grown in direct sunlight – they need a cool, moist atmosphere to thrive.


    There are lots of plants that grow well inside your home – these are just a few. Talk to a professional and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful in-home botanical garden in no time!

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