5 Cool Deck Paint Colors

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5 Cool Deck Paint Colors

Adding a deck to your backyard is one surefire way to increase your home’s value. While you don’t have to paint your deck, to get the benefits of having one, doing so can add a nice unique touch to your backyard décor. If planned carefully, you can even do a theme for your entire backyard based on the deck’s color.


There are literally hundreds if not thousands of possible paint color combinations for your deck. Here are just a few popular suggestions.

  1. White is one of the safest colors to use. It is also the color that will absorb the least amount of heat.

    1.Aqua or Blue

    If your paint job is going to be around an outdoor Jacuzzi or pool, consider using a color that will compliment the water surrounding it. It can help give a “beach” feel to your pool area. A lighter blue fits nicely with the idea that a deck is designed to lower the temperature of concrete.

  2. 2.Brown or Earth

    This is a very common color for homeowners who have a deck attached to their house in the same color. The deck will fit right in with your backyard, including your home.

  3. 3.White

    White is one of the safest colors to use. It is also the color that will absorb the least amount of heat.

  4. 4.Green

    If you decided to decorate your pool area with lots of shrubbery and trees, a green hued deck can fit right into this setting. Just be sure to pick a shade that won’t overdo it. You’ll want the deck to compliment the trees and grass.

  5. 5.Your House Color

    If you can’t decide on a specific color to use, consider looking at the main piece of your property for inspiration. A deck that is designed to look like the same colors as your house will be hard for anyone to argue with. After all, chances are you already like that color or you wouldn’t have bought the home.

  6. A deck is a fantastic investment for any home. No longer will you have to run quickly across the concrete when barefoot to get to the pool. The cool deck will keep the heat from building up and if you play your cards right, you can even pick a color that will compliment and add value to your home. Don’t forget to add furniture, shrubbery or other accessories that will further drive home the color theme you are looking to achieve.

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