Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Redbeacon?
  • Redbeacon connects qualified pros with homeowners who are looking for a pro to help with their home-service projects. Just give us a few details about the size and scope of the work you need done, and we’ll hook you up with a list of local pros who are qualified to do the job. You select a list of up to five, and they’ll contact you to talk about the work. Just pick the pro that works best for you and work out an agreed-upon schedule over phone or text.

  • How is Redbeacon different than Yelp, CitySearch, and AngiesList?
  • The rest of these sites are open forums, where the pool of reviews can be influenced and bought. Not possible with Redbeacon: Only customers who have connected with a Redbeacon pro can leave a review for them on the site.

  • But wait… I remember Redbeacon being different? How is Redbeacon different than, well, the old Redbeacon?
  • It’s true: Redbeacon has been changing and growing based on the feedback we’ve gotten from homeowners and pros alike. And we’re still evolving – we’ll keep you apprised of any and all changes to Redbeacon, if and when they happen.


Creating a Request

  • I have a home-service need. How do I request help?
  • You can request a service by clicking here. From there, we'll ask you a few short questions about the size and scope of your home project, after which your request details will be sent to local pros with the right expertise for your job. You can also download our mobile app for Android or iPhone, which gives you the ability to submit job requests right from the job site and upload pictures and video to your job request.

  • What kinds of services can I request on Redbeacon?
  • Nationwide, Redbeacon primarily works with painters and handymen. But when in doubt, request! We'll let you know if we don't have any pros for your project.

  • Does Redbeacon charge to request services?
  • Redbeacon is always free for the homeowner.

Pros and Service

  • How are service pros matched to my job?
  • Redbeacon uses a proprietary algorithm to match your job request with the local pros who are most qualified to do your job. This way, we ensure that you're not matched with a pro who's not an expert in the field.

  • Does Redbeacon guarantee the quality of work?
  • Although Redbeacon cannot guarantee the quality of work, we do guarantee your satisfaction with our referral service. So, no need to worry – select one of our trusted pros, and our guarantee will ensure your satisfaction up to $500.

Reviewing and Selecting

  • I’ve submitted a request. What happens now?
  • Whether you’ve submitted your request with a store associate within your local Home Depot or if you’ve put in your request details at, your outcome is the same: You’ll get a list of pros who are specifically qualified to do the work. You’ll be able to browse the pros you’ve been matched with, check out their profiles, and select up to five of them who you’d like to contact you about the project.

    Once you’ve selected these pros, we’ll email you their contact information — a list of which you can always find when you log into the Redbeacon site.

  • How can I expect to be contacted?
  • Once you select your pros, your contact information will be shared with the pros on your list. They’re eager to win your business, so it’s likely they’ll call you quickly after you’ve chosen them. In the meantime, you’re welcome to give the pros a call, too — we provide contact info with each pro’s profile.

Getting the Work Done

  • I scheduled a pro I found on Redbeacon, and we just finished the project. How do I pay my pro?
  • Redbeacon does not handle the payment arrangement between you and your pro. Please discuss this with the pro before the project is started.

  • My pro did a great job! How do I write a review?
  • Once your job is complete, we'll send you a link to rate (1-5 stars) your pro and review the project's end result. You’ve always got the option of logging into your account to review the pro as well.

  • Can I review a service pro even if I didn’t have them complete a job?
  • If you have something to say about one of our pros, say it! You’re able to review any of the pros you connected with through Redbeacon.

  • Can service pros remove negative reviews or contest them?
  • Redbeacon users need to know about good experiences and bad ones. As long as a review is factual and not offensive, Redbeacon will not remove it.


Getting Started

  • Why should I offer my services on Redbeacon?
  • Redbeacon connects qualified pros with job leads from local homeowners for their home-service needs. (Check out the ins and outs of how it works here.) You'll get the strongest job requests from homeowners who are looking for a professional with your exact skill set. With immediate notifications, you'll be able to respond quickly to job requests and win more jobs. Moreover, let Redbeacon's visibility within The Home Depot drive more customers to your business.

  • How do I become a Redbeacon pro?
  • All you have to do is submit a few required details — such as your name, area of expertise, and zip code — and you'll be prompted to fill out a more complete application. Once you submit your application, you'll wait for your application to be approved — a process that could take several days — and once you've gotten your confirmation, you'll be able to start receiving job leads immediately!

  • How much does Redbeacon cost?
  • As long as you consistently shop for your materials at The Home Depot, getting leads through Redbeacon should be completely free of charge. Getting a lead from Redbeacon costs between 40 and 80 points, and you earn 2 points for every $1 you spend at The Home Depot. We’ll automatically connect your Home Depot Pro Xtra account (or create a new one) when you fill out your Redbeacon application, and through your Pro Xtra account, we track the money you spend in The Home Depot

  • How do I set my service location for my business?
  • As you’re creating your Redbeacon profile, you're able to drag and drop a perimeter around the area you'd prefer to service. This means you won't receive job requests in locations in which you're not willing to take jobs. You're welcome to make your work area as large or as small as you'd like — if you find you’re getting an overwhelming amount of leads, you can always restrict your work radius to limit the incoming flow of leads.

  • How is my Pro Score determined?
  • Your score can be influenced by a number of factors: the level of detail you provide in your About section, the pictures you upload of past work, a clear profile picture that shows your face, the licensing information you include, and, most importantly, the number of great reviews you get from happy Redbeacon customers. A lower Pro Score impacts the number of customers with job leads with which you can be matched.

Profile Basics

  • What's included in my profile?
  • Customize your online presence on your profile page. From here, you'll build a skill profile in which you describe the service you specialize in to the Redbeacon community. This way, we only match you to jobs in your area of expertise. You'll also have the opportunity to specify the area you service, your company's website, and any relevant photos related to the work you've done.

  • Can I create multiple skill profiles?
  • Absolutely! You can create a skill profile for every service you offer, so if you are, for example, both a professional painter and a handyman, you can be matched to jobs in both categories. If you've gone through the approval process for your first skill profile and have been accepted, you'll have to reapply and be cleared for the subsequent specialty you want to add.

  • How do I complete my profile?
  • You'll have opportunities to add more information to make your profile increasingly complete. You can improve your Pro Score by uploading photos of your previous work; adding a logo or self-portrait; and including various credentials and qualifications in the Improve Your Profile area, which you can access through the Manage Profiles tab.

  • Can I delete a skill profile?
  • Yes. Once logged in, you can go to the Manage Profiles tab, and from there, you'll have the option of selecting a given profile under Profile Summaries buttons. Click on the individual skill profile you want to delete, and you'll find a link to Delete This Profile next to the profile name.

Improving Profiles

  • What are the benefits of personalizing my profile?
  • Your Pro Score is partially dependent on the the completeness of your profile. The more details you add about your business, the higher your Pro Score will go. Also, customers are more likely to book a pro with an exhaustive profile, so for best results, make sure you complete your entire profile.

  • Can I update information on a profile I've created?
  • To update your profile, click on the Manage Profiles tab and then click on the title of the profile you want to change.

  • Can I show examples of my previous work on my profile?
  • Yes, and we highly recommend it. You can upload photos of your prior work to your profile page, which can be accessed from the Manage Profiles tab.


  • How do I get matched to a job?
  • We use a proprietary algorithm based on advanced computer-learning models to match your skills and specialties to relevant jobs within your service area. We’ll never match you arbitrarily to jobs that are outside of your specialty or too far away from your place of business. This algorithm takes into account your responsiveness, so if you fail to respond to a job lead, it will negatively impact your ability to be matched to future job leads.

  • Will I be alerted when I match to a lead?
  • When Redbeacon matches you to a lead, we'll notify you by email and/or text message about the opportunity to contact a customer about a job. You’re welcome to change your notification settings in your profile to make sure you’re never missing the job leads with which you match.

  • Where can I see my jobs, past and present?
  • After you log in, a list under the To-Dos tab under My Jobs. This is where you’ll get a running tally of the items that still require some action on your part. The Jobs tab keeps you updated on all the jobs you’ve connected to, and near the top of the page, you’ll see a link to the number of jobs you’ve completed. If you click on this link, you’ll see tabulations for your points balance, as well as any payments you’ve taken through Redbeacon’s online payments system.

  • How do I respond?
  • The system’s pretty straightforward: You’ll receive a job lead with a customer’s phone number, and we expect you to call them. From there, you can chat briefly with the customer about the size and scope of the job and try to come to an understanding on a price quote or range. We encourage our pros to make this call ASAP — failure to respond means you might not get matched to as many leads.

  • Does the lowest price always win?
  • There is no perfect price point. You should offer the most competitive possible price for the job, but customers consider many other factors, such as Pro Scores, reviews, qualifications, and the amount of detail provided in the profile.